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More is the most comprehensive online legal resource base in the UK. TheLawPortal’s legal directory has all the lawyers and all the information you need to select the right lawyer. It provides the fastest and the most convenient way to connect with the right lawyer, willing to take up your case, and helps you schedule an appointment, online. is the first website that facilitates you to choose multiple lawyers, based on your requirements, and discuss your case privately and anonymously with them. So, before you select a lawyer you already know:
  • The lawyer’s opinion about your case and whether he is willing to take it up.
  • The hourly rate for the lawyer.
  • Customer reviews for the lawyer.
  • Recent cases handled by the lawyer in the same domain.
TheLawPortal is a member of the LegaliMarketing family, which has built a reputation over the years, for providing innovative solutions to legal fraternity.
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